Our Approach

VHDC nonprofit organization is about making a difference in the lives of children and their families by providing assisting with the basic necessities and educational programs that will influence and inspire others.

VHDC seek  to accomplish  important social goals, development of physical and mental growth  of children. Our core mission is to create new possibilities for children, construct an environment that encourage others to thrive  and serve those who are less fortunate.

We believe in empowering of  men  and women  through education and mentor-ship programs. We are a team that  provides counselling and educational programs for  victims  abuse.

One of our primary goal is to work with these women  men and children  to restore their self esteem and self confidence.

Meet the Team

We value and respect children. VHDC team seek to fully immerse ourselves in the interest of the children we serve, enabling us to C.A.R.E, plan and develop programs tailored to each particular community in which the resides in.

Paula Clarke

Founder & CEO

VHDC is a non profit  was founded to help relieve poverty in the lives of an impoverished youth and their families throught-out the Caribbean.  God has given  the privileges of standing in the gap  for underprivileged children and their families.

Knowing who we are and what you are good at, and having the ability to convey that to others through your action is the key to  this mission.  Growing up in the Island I have first-hand knowledge of what hunger and not having the basic necessities can do in the live of a child and how it can negatively impact ones life.

My moto : A VOICE  for the Youth!  HOPE for a better tomorrow: Always DREAM For a brighter future and find the COURAGE to stand though challenges and adversity.

Richard Bent

Vice  President

My desires to give back to young people and the community. As a Youth Leader, I am aware that the little things one does to help a youth of today can have a significant impact on their future.

It is my belie that reaching out to one child can change the direction of an entire generation. Building a trusting and caring relationship with  children is the most important aspect to a child.






Dr. Paul Colthrist

Strategic Planner

I have a fundamentally grasped the strategic concepts of vision, mission and leadership and thus embraced the notion that service to mankind is not only a duty, but a life mission.

As a strategic medical thinker educator and Dental Surgeon, helping to make a difference in the life of child and to de-complicate the world significant venture, one which is undertaken with great thoughts and compassion.

There are several issues that are facing our youth today. Getting involved and identifying the root cause of these  may means forging collaborative relationship with external entities and organization. This is  paramount to success.


Next Steps...

 Hunger isn't seasonal

Ensure that no child has to live with hunger or go without their basic needs be met.