VHDC and its team aim to provide a place  of safety  for  children in the Carribean.  Our Goal is to help combat homelessness, abuse, violence and hunger of many children.

There’s no place like home and when a family with small children is burn out of their home and have nowhere to live they are homeless.  According to Children Protection and Family Service Jamaica, (CPAFS) there are over 4,500 children in care that in need of shelter and a place to call home. Many of these children don’t have a place to call home.

There is cry for help. VHDC Youth Foundation and it team is in the process of executing a special project. This project aim to provide shelter, food, clothes for homeless and needy children. “By reaching out through kindness and giving, we can transform the lives of the homelessness of children together - one life at a time. VHDC is doing real work to improve the plight of these children, with one kind gesture.

“2019” Here and Now we are taking that big step to provide homes where children can call their home.  We want our children to thrive because the greatest casualty is been forgotten especially those children who live on the street and not in CPAFS care.

We can’t do this without your donations and support.....

Therefore we would like to invite you to join us in this noble work and give needy children a new life. With the help of your monetary assistance, our organization will be able to change and affect the life of homeless children.

Together we can help a child dream for a better future and have hoped for a tomorrow. When people help people, change happens. Help make someone else dream come true.

We thank you in advance for your generous donation and support.